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Home security cameras Dorris

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Home security cameras Dorris, California

Home security camerasGet a free estimate for home security cameras Dorris today. Give us a call at 1-877-959-2186 for a free security camera system estimate.

We provide free consultations and professional home security camera systems installation services in Dorris. Call 1-877-959-2186 to get a free estimate so we can assist you in determining what type of cameras you need, what type of DVR or NVR and how many cameras to give you the home security camera coverage you need.

Our home security camera systems – give you the ability to view your cameras remotely on your smartphone – both iPhone and android. With our built in infrared for night vision cameras you will be able to see in low light or no light conditions at night.

With our CCTV camera resolutions at 1080P HD or higher you will get crystal clear video images. You will have high quality video you can use to identify people, cars and objects. Our home security cameras systems also give you the ability to download recorded video. You can save video snippets on your computer or USB thumb drive as well as send them as attachments in an email with your home security cameras Dorris system.

Home security camera systems Dorris features


  • View video cameras on smartphone – iphone and android with our free app
  • View your video cameras from you tablet
  • View your video cameras from your laptop
  • Play back recorded video remotely from your smartphone, tablet and laptop


  • Night vision infrared
  • All video is in color
  • Cameras are Weatherproof
  • Cameras are Vandal proof
  • Cameras are 1080P HD resolution or higher


  • Record video for 2 weeks or longer
  • Download video on to USB thumb drive or laptop
  • Easy search – easily search for events – you don’t have to watch hours of video to see what happened
  • Motion detection built in
  • Alarm and alert feature – System can call you when it detects motion by sending you snapshots that triggered the motion


Home security camera installation Dorris

Get a free home security camera installation Dorris estimate today. We provide local home security camera Home security camerasinstallation in Dorris, CA. We provide surveillance camera installations. All our home security camera installations in Dorris are custom. We will fish walls where possible and use conduit where necessary.
We use all high quality video, power and network cables – RG59, CAT5, CAT6, 18-2 power wire and plenum cable where necessary. All our bnc connectors, power pigtails are of the highest quality. Our security camera power supplies are of the highest quality.

We provide home security camera installation Dorris, CA for

Wireless home security camera systems installation Dorris
Hidden home cameras and nanny cam installation Dorris
Outdoor home security cameras installation Dorris
IP home security camera systems Dorris

How many home security cameras Dorris will you need for your home?

The average home will typically need 5 cameras to provide full coverage outside. One camera at the front door, one camera at the garage door, one on both sides and one at the back of the house. We can also install cameras inside the house. If you are looking for home security camera installers in Dorris, California or a security camera installation company in Dorris, CA give us a call now at 1-877-959-2186 for a free consultation and a free surveillance camera system equipment and installation estimate.


Hidden home security cameras Dorris

With our home nanny cam and home nanny camera installation Dorris service we can install cameras to help you keep an eye on your kids or elderly parents. We can assist you in installing the highest quality color hidden home security cameras for your home  in Dorris. We also provide Nannycams in Dorris to help you keep an eye on your kids. We have the best home wireless hidden cameras on the market. Our hidden cameras are disguised to look like other objects e.g. pen hidden security camera, smoke detector hidden cameras, motion detector hidden cameras, pinhole hidden cameras, wireless hidden surveillance cameras and nanny cams. We also provide hidden home security camera systems installation in Dorris, California.

Nanny cameras Dorris

If you are looking for nanny cams or nanny cam installation give us a call at 1-877-959-2186 for a free consultation and free estimate. Our nanny cams are high resolution, you can get them in IP and HD and have them hidden. Some of our nanny cams are wireless and some nanny cams have built in recorders or DVR,s.


Outdoor home security cameras Dorris

Our outdoor home security cameras Dorris are weather proof and vandal proof. The outdoor home security cameras will not be damaged by rain or moisture. They are designed to be outdoors and designed to be difficult to vandalize. Call us today at 1-877-959-2186  to get a free estimate on our outdoor home security cameras Dorris, California.

Wireless home security cameras Dorris, California

With our wireless home security cameras Dorris you can eliminate the need to run wires. Some of our wireless home security cameras are IP and some are analog. We can use your local wifi network to connect your wireless ip cameras to the NVR. Some wireless ip cameras have onboard storage in an SD card and do not require a recorder.

Night vision home security cameras Dorris

All our home security cameras Dorris have infrared for night vision. In no light or low light conditions, you will be able to see clearly with the built in infrared. The basic night vision infrared will see out to about 100 feet. We provide long range infrared for longer night vision needs. Call today at 1-877-959-2186 for a free estimate on our night vision home security cameras Dorris.


Remote view home security cameras Dorris, California

Home Remote view security cameras Dorris, CaliforniaWith our home security camera systems Dorris you will be able to view your cameras on your smart phone �” iPhone and android. We provide a free app for viewing your security cameras on your iPhone, android phone and tablet. You are also able to view your security cameras in Dorris on your laptop and smart tv.

Motion detection home security cameras Dorris

All our home security camera systems in Dorris have motion detection built in. You can program the system to record video when motion is detected. Our home camera systems Dorris will record up to one minute before motion is detected and one minute after motion has stopped, you can program the amount of time before and after motion that meets your requirements. With the alarm feature, you can also program our home camera systems to alert you when motion is detected. For example you can program the home camera system to alert you on your smartphone when motion is detected at the front door. With our motion detection home security camera system in Dorris you have a lot of flexibility to program your camera system to be your sentry everywhere.

The motion detection home camera system will also make it easier for you to search your recoded video for specific events. Since recording is done when motion is detected, you do not have to review hours of video to find an event. You can search all recorded events and skip through the quickly to find the events you are looking for.

Home IP security cameras Dorris

We provide Home IP security cameras systems in Dorris. Our home IP surveillance cameras Dorris are megapixel, in color and have night vision infrared. Some of our home IP cameras are wireless and outdoor. We provide 1 megapixel, 2 megapixel, 3 megapixel, 4 megapixel and 5 megapixel IP security camera systems and network video recorders. For a free home IP security camera system Dorris and installation estimate give us a call at 1-877-959-2186.

Our IP surveillance systems include

IP megapixel color cameras ranging from 1 megapixel to 5 megapixel with night vision infrared
IP NVR systems with 4 to 64 channels and POE on the NVR
Outdoor IP cameras
Commercial IP cameras
Residential IP cameras
Wireless IP security cameras
Remote view IP camera systems

Home HD security cameras Dorris, California

Home Security cameras Dorris, CaliforniaOur basic home security camera systems in Dorris are in High definition. We provide 1080P and 720P HD color home security camera systems. The HD home security camera system records in HD, plays back in HD and the live video is in HD. You will need double the hard drive space with the HD system than you do with the 700TVL system. All our home security high definition cameras i Dorris, California have infrared for night vision.

Home security camera consultation and Free estimate Dorris

We provide a free home security camera consultation and estimates in Dorris. We will help you determine the best home security camera system for your application. No matter how difficult and complicated the home security camera application we will help you determine

The number of cameras
The best type of cameras
The Best recorder
The best design for your camera system
The most efficient and cost effective installation

The amount of storage space to give you the number of days of stored video you need as well as design the installation process. To schedule a free home security camera system consultation in Dorris for your home security camera needs, give us a call today at 1-877-959-2186.

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