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Commercial security cameras Carmel – Security cameras for buiness

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Commercial security cameras Carmel  | Security cameras for business Carmel, California

Commercial security cameras Carmel, CaliforniaGet a free estimate for commercial security cameras Carmel estimate by calling 1-877-959-2186 today. We provide commercial security camera installation service in Carmel, CA.

Commercial security camera systems Carmel features


  • View video cameras on smartphone – iphone and android with our free app
  • View your video cameras from you tablet
  • View your video cameras from your laptop
  • Play back recorded video remotely from your smartphone, tablet and laptop


  • Night vision infrared
  • All video is in color
  • Cameras are Weatherproof
  • Cameras are Vandal proof
  • Cameras are 1080P HD resolution or higher


  • Record video for 2 weeks or longer
  • Download video on to USB thumb drive or laptop
  • Easy search – easily search for events – you don’t have to watch hours of video to see what happened
  • Motion detection built in
  • Alarm and alert feature – System can call you when it detects motion by sending you snapshots that triggered the motion


Commercial security camera Installation Carmel

We provide local commercial security camera installation in Carmel, CA. We provide residential and commercial Commercial Security cameras installation Carmel, Californiasurveillance camera installations Carmel. All our commercial security camera installations are custom. We will fish walls where possible and use conduit where necessary. We use all high quality video, power and network cables – RG59, CAT5, CAT6, 18-2 power wire and plenum cable where necessary for all out commercial security cameras Carmel installation. All our bnc connectors, power pigtails are of the highest quality. Our security camera power supplies are of the highest quality.

We provide commercial security camera installation for

  • Commercial security camera systems installation Carmel
  • Security camera systems for business  installation Carmel
  • Wireless commercial security camera systems installation Carmel
  • Hidden commercial cameras and nanny cam installation Carmel
  • commercial Outdoor security cameras installation Carmel
  • Commercial IP security camera systems installation Carmel

We also provide commercial surveillance camera and systems installation for

[one_fourth_first]Industrial facilities security cameras installation Carmel
Construction sites security cameras Installation Carmel
Warehouse security cameras Installation Carmel
Retail store security cameras Installation Carmel
Super market security cameras Installation Carmel
Night club security cameras installation Carmel
[/one_fourth_first][one_fourth]Office security cameras installation Carmel
Hotel security cameras installation Carmel
Motel security cameras installation Carmel
Apartment security cameras installation Carmel
Property manager security cameras installation Carmel
Parking lot security cameras installation Carmel
Day Care security cameras installation Carmel
[/one_fourth][one_fourth]Motel security cameras installation Carmel
School security cameras installation Carmel
Hospital security camera installation Carmel
Salon security cameras installation Carmel
Doctors office security cameras installation Carmel
Dentist office security cameras installation Carmel
[/one_fourth][one_fourth_last]Convenience store security cameras Installation Carmel
Warehouse security cameras Installation Carmel
Manufacturing facility security cameras installation Carmel
Liquor store security cameras installation Carmel
Bar security cameras installation Carmel
Restaurant security cameras installation Carmel

Commercial hidden security cameras Carmel, California

We can assist you in installing the highest quality color hidden commercial security cameras for your home or business in Carmel. We also provide Nannycams in Carmel to help you keep an eye on your kids. We have the best commercial wireless hidden cameras on the market. Our hidden cameras are disguised to look like other objects e.g. pen hidden security camera, smoke detector hidden cameras, motion detector hidden cameras, pinhole hidden cameras, wireless hidden surveillance cameras and nanny cams. We also provide hidden security camera systems installation.

Commercial outdoor security cameras Carmel, CA

Our commercial outdoor security cameras Carmel are weatherproof and vandal proof. Our outdoor surveillance camera installations in Carmel use the highest quality security camera installation materials to protect the cameras and cables from the weather and potential vandalism. We will put all exposed wires in conduit to protect the wire from the elements and vandalism. Our vandal proof dome cameras go flush against the installation surface.

Unlike bullet style cameras, it is difficult to grab a hold of the vandal dome cameras to pull them of the wall or installation surface. Our vandal dome cameras also have a lock to lock the camera onto the base. The special key is required to uninstall the camera. We provide commercial outdoor security camera installation for businesses in Carmel.

We provide commercial outdoor and indoor wireless security cameras in Carmel. Our commercial wireless outdoor surveillance camera systems are installed by our local commercial surveillance camera installers in Carmel. All our wireless outdoor cameras are IP and we use wireless bridges and access points to create a private network for the camera system. Your wireless camera connections are very fast and there is no latency on the video. The private wireless network for the outdoor IP security camera system is secure and fast.

If you have an existing analog system and want to add wireless cameras, we provide wireless transmitters and receivers for analog cameras. Our commercial CCTV installers in Carmel can install analog wireless security camera transmitters and receivers as well as IP wireless bridges. With our hydrib NVR systems we are able to combine both analog wireless cameras as well as wireless IP cameras on the same recorder.

Commercial night vision security cameras Carmel – Infrared security cameras

All our commercial security cameras in Carmel have night vision infrared and we have done commercial  security camera reviews for you to Commercial Outdoor security cameras Carmel, Californiarecommend the best IR security cameras. Our night vision infrared allows you to see in low light and no light conditions. Our basic digital security cameras for homes and businesses in Carmel, California have infrared to see up to 100 feet. Our local commercial installers in Carmel can also install long range infrared cameras that can see over 300 feet in total darkness. Our residential security cameras and commercial security cameras all have night vision infrared built in.

Commercial PTZ – Pan tilt and zoom cameras Carmel, California

We provide PTZ cameras also known as Pan tilt and zoom cameras in analog and IP. Our commercial PTZ cameras can pan 360 degrees and tilt and have both optical zoom and digital zoom. Some of our PTZ cameras for have infrared for night vision. We provide both outdoor PTZ and indoor PTZ cameras in Carmel. Our PTZ cameras can be programmed to run routes like a security guard. You can have the PTZ scan 360 degrees continuously – nonstop. Some of our PTZ cameras have video analytics built in.

You can set our PTZ cameras with video analytics to detect and track objects. When the camera detects an object with the inbuilt motion detection it locks on and tracks it. You can create virtual fences, count people and more with our commercial video analytics PTZ cameras.

Commercial wireless security cameras Carmel, California

With our commercial wireless surveillance cameras in Carmel, we eliminate the need to run wires from the cameras back to the COmmercial Wireless security cameras Carmel, Californiarecorder. We provide wireless Ip cameras, that connect on your wifi network as well as via access points and bridges. Our analog wireless cameras connect with wireless transmitters and bridges.

Our commercial wireless surveillance cameras can eliminate the need for trenching. So if you have a difficult security camera installation, where cameras need to be far from the recorder and running wires from the cameras to the recorder is not possible or too expensive, our wireless solution might be for you. Call us in Carmel at 1-877-959-2186 to get a free consultation and free customized estimate for your wireless commercial security camera and installation needs. Wireless security cameras make very difficult and potentially costly installations possible.

We use wireless access points, bridges and routers to create a secure, stable and fast private wireless networks for the security camera systems. Most of the cameras we use for our wireless security camera systems are all IP. Some of the IP wireless cameras have SD cards onboard to record the video.

We provide

Wireless commercial outdoor security cameras in Carmel
Wireless security cameras for business in Carmel
Wireless hidden cameras for business in Carmel
Wireless commercial security camera installation in Carmel

Commercial remote view security cameras in Carmel

Commercial Remote view security cameras Carmel, CaliforniaThe number one reason most people in Carmel get a security camera system for their business is the ability to view the cameras remotely from their smart phones. With all our commercial remote view surveillance camera systems you will be able to

1-View your commercial security cameras live on your smartphone, tablet, laptop from anywhere with our free app
2-View recorded video on your smartphone, tablet and laptop
3-Download recorded video remotely

If you are a business owner in Carmel you can

-Keep an eye on your employees and customers from anywhere. Login to your camera system at any time and view live and recorded video of your business. Login to review recorded video of events from anywhere to investigate problems

All our commercial security camera systems in Carmel for business give you the ability to view your cameras from your smartphone – iPhone and android, tablets and laptops. You can view your commercial security cameras from anywhere in the world. You can playback and review recorded video remotely from your smartphone, tablet and laptop from anywhere. You will need broadband internet service at the location where the recorder is located. There is no monthly fee for our commercial remote view service in Carmel for business.


We provide security cameras for businesses in Carmel. Our commercial security cameras include

Commercial outdoor security cameras Carmel
Commercial night vision security cameras with infrared Carmel
Commercial Wireless security cameras Carmel
Commercial Hidden security cameras and nanny cams Carmel
Commercial IP security cameras Carmel
Commercial security camera installation Carmel
Commercial PTZ cameras Carmel


We provide commercial security camera systems for businesses

Restaurant security camera system Carmel
Offices and office buildings security camera systems Carmel
Warehouse security camera systems Carmel
Schools security camera systems Carmel
Parking lot security camera systems Carmel
Hotel and Motel security camera systems Carmel
Construction yard security camera systems Carmel
Recycling center security camera systems Carmel
Solar powered security camera systems Carmel
Commercial security camera systems installation Carmel


Commercial IP security cameras Carmel, California

COmmercial Security cameras Carmel, CaliforniaWe provide commercial IP security cameras systems in Carmel.  Our commercial IP surveillance cameras Carmel are megapixel, in color and have night vision infrared. Some of our IP cameras are wireless and outdoor. We provide 1 megapixel, 2 megapixel, 3 megapixel, 4 megapixel and 5 megapixel IP security camera systems and network video recorders. For a free IP security camera system and installation estimate give us a call at 1-877-959-2186.

Our IP surveillance systems in Carmel, CA include

IP megapixel color cameras ranging from 1 megapixel to 5 megapixel with night vision infrared
IP NVR systems with 4 to 64 channels and POE on the NVR
Outdoor IP cameras
Commercial IP cameras
Residential IP cameras
Wireless IP security cameras
Remote view IP camera systems


Commercial security camera consultation and Free estimate Carmel

We provide a free commercial security camera consultation and estimate in Carmel. We will help you determine the best security camera system for business for your application. No matter how difficult and complicated the commercial security camera application we will help you determine

The number of cameras
The best type of cameras
The Best recorder
The best design for your camera system
The most efficient and cost effective installation

The amount of storage space to give you the number of days of stored video you need as well as design the installation process. To schedule a free consultation in Carmel for your commercial security camera needs, give us a call today at 1-877-959-2186


Commercial motion detection security cameras Carmel

All our commercial security camera systems have motion detection built in Carmel. You can program the system to record video when motion is detected. Our camera systems for business in Carmel will record up to one minute before motion is detected and one minute after motion has stopped, you can program the amount of time before and after motion that meets your requirements. With the alarm feature, you can also program our camera systems to alert you when motion is detected. For example you can program the camera system to alert you on your smartphone when motion is detected at the front door. With our commercial motion detection security camera system in Carmel you have a lot of flexibility to program your camera system to be your sentry everywhere.

The motion detection camera system will also make it easier for you to search your recoded video for specific events. Since recording is done when motion is detected, you do not have to review hours of video to find an event. You can search all recorded events and skip through the quickly to find the events you are looking for.


Commercial solar security cameras in Carmel, California

Our commercial solar powered security camera systems in Carmel are ideal for remote locations where power is not readily available. In addition we can add cellular service to make it easy to communicate with the camera. In addition, we can use cameras with onboard storage. All video will be stored in an SD card on the camera. Contact us today for a free commercial solar powered security camera estimate and consultation in Carmel.

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